What is Pearl xChange?


Imagine a place where you feel empowered, inspired and motivated. Close your eyes and picture what it would feel like to be surrounded by people who are rooting for your success. This is what a Pearl xChange event offers.

In an impatient world that is focused on constantly moving faster, it is easy to lose our selves in the rush of everyday life. Technology can fool us into thinking that we are connecting with others by simply posting something online. But you know the truth; your social media feed can be a very lonely place.  Step out of your virtual life and join us for true connection with women just like you.


Life is a journey with successes and challenges, highs and lows. While this is an inherent part of life, it is always easier to go through the experience if we have support from others.

At Pearl xChange, we infused supportive energy from the ground up. Our speakers have all been selected to demonstrate that you can be a successful, creative, passionate individual and still come from a heart-centered place.

But most importantly, we want you to join us because you matter and your experience is valuable.


Pearl xChange is an opportunity to share collective wisdom. Just like you, our speakers have all faced challenges and have risen above them in order to move forward. There is power in learning from each other’s experiences. Everyone at a Pearl xChange event is here to share their wisdom and lessons with you.

Each speaker offers you an opportunity for interaction and supportive feedback.  In addition, you will be surrounded by people who want to grow and evolve.


We have curated an electric mix of experts in the fields of spirituality, social media, entrepreneurship, science and health. Pearl xChange is designed to be an inspiring, relaxed, and entertaining day filled with wisdom, laughter and connection.

Our Manifesto 

Women have a lot going on inside.
Our hearts beat with ideas.
Our blood flows with curiosity.
Our toes tickle with temptation. Our brains fire with experience.
Our guts fill with resourcefulness. Our skin thickens with perspective. Inside is where we find our energy… …to be vibrant and alive.
Inside the Pearl xChange our power is collected.
Women are an axis of power. Confidently,
quietly stringing together, gathering force and will.
We listen.
We craft.
We plan.
And we act.
We make money. We make sense. We make laughter, love and peace. We are powerful connections.
We think outside the box,
while we nurture pearls below the surface… we exchange ahas, oh no’s, and yes yesses!

How We Came to be...


When Nicole and I first began talking about a place for women to gather and share knowledge, our main priority was to bring together a community of like-minded women. We wanted to offer inspiration, empowerment and a supportive space for growth and positivity. We’ve curated a group of speakers to surprise and delight you with their insights and knowledge.

We’ve chosen the icon of the pearl to represent our intention. Pearls symbolize spiritual transformation, honesty, wisdom and integrity, all the best within us.

We invite you to experience this enlightening day with us. It’s going to be the start of a movement of women who are changing the world, starting with themselves. You are part of a growing and innovative community.

I can’t wait to see you at our next Pearl xChange!

With Love,