Speaker Insight: Q&A With Katherine Power

Katherine Power is one of our inspiring speakers at the upcoming Pearl xChange event in Los Angeles on November 5th. We sat down with her to talk about life as a CEO, friendship, productivity hacks, and morning routines.

 Katherine Power, Cofounder & CEO of Clique Media Group

Katherine Power, Cofounder & CEO of Clique Media Group

PX: Pearl xChange is all about sharing wisdom, experiences and providing a sense of community. What is a powerful message you strive to share through your career and life?
KP: Only do what only you can do. That is my mantra, and it really boils down to using your time wisely and learning to delegate so you have time and creative brainpower to work on the important things. It also allows you to give your family and friends the attention they deserve.

PX: Where do you find your peace and balance?
KP: A good meal and a nice glass of wine with the people I love. It’s as simple as that.
How did you stay motivated when you hit a speed bump in your path or faced rejection?
It’s about not looking at whatever the rejection or speed bump is as a failure. Instead, see it as a change of course. How do you get there another way, or is there a better option? At that point the choice becomes yours, and you’ll realize that it’s actually not rejection at all, just a different way to get the result you want.

PX: What is your favorite app or technology source that helps with your productivity?
KP: Instacart and Amazon. Being able to remotely order food for my home and set up reoccurring orders for simple household items like detergent and toilet paper completely takes that off my mental to-do list, which frees up that space for more important things. Not sure how I got by without them!

PX: What is your morning routine?
KP: I wake up at 5 every morning, have a matcha smoothie, go to a Tracy Anderson class, come home to eat breakfast—usually eggs—and then start my day. That workout in the morning is less about staying physically fit, which is great for me as well, than it is about staying mentally fit. It wakes up my brain, and I always have my best ideas leaving the gym in the morning. However, that early morning wake-up means I need to go bed very early.

PX: What are your “on the go” health tips when traveling or having a busy week?
KP: I’m constantly hungry and have strict diet restrictions, so I send snacks that fit those restrictions to my hotel. That way I’m never scrambling to find something to eat in a new city.

PX: We all have mentors or someone who has influenced us, who do you identify as your strongest source of inspiration?
KP: I’m lucky enough to have a great group of friends whom I also consider my mentors. They all are ambitious, have incredible jobs and initiatives, and are amazingly creative. We’re always bouncing ideas off each other and brainstorming together. Their support has been crucial to my success.  

PX: When was a pivotal moment that someone advocated for your career?                             
KP: We have really amazing investors, and one of them is a woman named Dana Settle, who is a partner at Greycroft Partners. She has been a tremendous support system to me and is really the one who urged me to take on the CEO role in 2014. I don’t know that I would have had the faith in myself to take on that position if she hadn’t been so certain I could do it.

PX: What is your process when making a crucial business decision?
KP: I try to think of every possible outcome, good and bad, and poke holes in each conclusion. I also reach out to experts in the field who are either internal employees or people within my network. However, a huge part of the decision process is going with your gut, so, obviously, weigh the risks and consult experts, but don’t ignore what you’re feeling.

PX: What is a lesson you wish you could teach your 18-year-old self?
KP: Learn to code! And always wear sunscreen.

PX: What influential leader would you have over for dinner and what would you make them?
KP: Jeff Bezos. Though I’ve met him before, I’d love to pick his brain over dinner about how he thinks about long-term versus short-term gains for his company. I admire how he’s not afraid to try new businesses based on the core strength of the organization, even if that means going beyond category to meet the consumers’ needs.

Culinary skills are not in my wheelhouse, so I would either have my husband cook one of his signature dishes, or I’d Postmate it.

PX: What is your favorite hidden gem in LA?
KP: It’s not really all that hidden to L.A. insiders, but Lawrence of La Brea is this amazing home décor shop that has stunning rugs. The pieces that I’ve purchased from this store are the favorite part of my new home. Also not an L.A. insider secret, but the clothing store Scout has amazing curated vintage and designer options.

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