Dear Little Sister Warriors

Dear Little Sister Warriors: I want to tell you about something really cool. An awesome change happens when you get up there in years: YOU GET IT! Once you have experienced decades of the ebb and flow of life: happy, distraught, then happy again … then distraught again … then happy, the magic of wisdom overrules and YOU GET IT! I am a happy, wise, woman and I GET IT! Trust me when I proclaim: over the years, you actually do become a loving, kind, wise, powerful warrior.

I am reaching out to you busy women, you career seekers, you mommies, you daughters and all the single ladies. Come to me if something is bothering you. Ask me your questions. Tell me your stories. Everything I have done since I was in my twenties was geared toward the goal of making the world a better place and helping women along the way. I want, more than anything, to let you know you are not alone.  

I always tell young college-bound girls, “Make and keep your women friends. Nurture those relationships over the years - Cause you will need them in midlife. Oh, and don’t do drugs and drink NOW! You will need THOSE in midlife.”

Here’s a little advice for you since this is our first date:                      


Start by looking at others in their eyes. Give a little smile. Act as if you have come to the event/party/luncheon/book club to learn. Smile and find a comfortable place. If one of those pesky negative thoughts like, “I’m a little overweight and I have gas” tries to slip in, quell it! Everyone has a story. People are fascinating. You are at your best when you bring out the best in others. Try harder to be interested - rather than interesting. There's nothing more alluring than when a woman oozing those warm qualities - no matter what age or underwear choice - walks into a room. Heads turn.

PS: And cool it on taking that selfie before you get to the event. No matter how cute you think you look. We get it.

All topics are open to the needs of the situation - whatever is bugging you.

• My girlfriend overpowers me sometimes and I hate it

• My kid throws ugly temper tantrums

• I live with an idiot

• I made a big mistake at work, how do I make it right without embarrassing myself?

Answers all lead to the high road.

I am inviting you, Little Warriors, to come to me with your questions and concerns.  I may have some answers that will surprise you.

-Marilyn Kentz



Delia Tethong