5 Signs That You Have Found A Soul Group Relationship

While we all have friends and acquaintances, only a select few of those people will become part of our soul group. A soul group is the inner most circle of people in life, the ones who profoundly affect our journey and help us learn important life lessons.

Here are five signs that someone is part of your soul group:

1. They Encourage Your Greatness

A soul group member wants to see you step out of your comfort zone so you succeed and thrive. They encourage you to apply for the dream job or audition for the part you want. Nothing makes them happier than seeing you shine, and they celebrate in your greatness.

2. They Provide An Equal Exchange of Energy

In a soul group relationship, emotional energy moves in a circle and is not one-sided. This means that there will be times when you will need more support, and other times when they need you to step up to the plate. You will both have an awareness of this give and take, adjusting yourselves as necessary. In short, a soul group member will be there for you emotionally when things are tough.

3. But They Will Also Call You Out When Necessary

While we all want support, this can be detrimental if the people around us agree with everything we say. A soul group member cuts straight to the point, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. They will tell you to stop wasting time with that cheating guy, or to stand up for yourself at work. A soul group member can see when you’re not acting in your own best interests, and will remind you to stand in your highest light.

4. They Own Their Part

We all make mistakes, but a true soul group relationship involves being able to own up to our mistakes. Whether they unintentionally misspoke or you hurt their feelings, you will both have the strength to apologize for the sake of the bond.  

5. And They Help You Find Laughter In Any Situation

A member of your soul group can spark a belly laugh so deep that even in a moment of hardship, pain, or despair they bring a smile to your face and put everything in perspective.

By previous Pearl xChange speaker Dougall Fraser

David Harel